About me


It’s so cool to have you here!


Well this is my story, actually my obsession that became my business and I can tell you it’s all about the mood of your feet. Yes! I will show you it is possible.

Nowadays we mostly scroll to ‘shop online’ immediately without knowing the story behind it. Hello! I am guilty too, busted right?! Well, I must say I feel extra honored for you taking your time to read my crazy story, actually it’s not that crazy but I like to keep it exciting just like the movies and no, not like a horror movie.

If you ask me: ‘what’s my favorite fashion item?’ I will reply: ‘Socks, socks and more socks!’ (Here goes the obsession!)

So guess what the brand name ‘Tqaser’ means…? It’s not a fancy dish at Cipriani or in Ibiza. In fact it’s not eatable but wearable, it means… ‘socks’’!

Tqaser is a Moroccan word, for socks! Memories that are attached to this word give me a nostalgic feeling. From beautiful memories of wearing colorful, sometimes peculiar socks, to a nightmare of losing my favorite pairs in the laundry. An angry mom screaming if I do eat those socks and how it was possible to lose them lol! Resulting, I had my own separated laundry basket so that I wouldn’t lose them. And believe me when I say it was a time and money consuming laundry! But hey, my socks do matter!

With Tqaser I bring my sock obsession to life. All socks are designed with a taste of cultural, fashionable- or social heritage and lots of positive vibe. Nowadays we cannot miss the printed or colorful socks, they bring life to your outfit and sometimes even to your personality. That’s why: Socks do matter!


Quality is number one, I have checked many samples and selected the best material combination for our lovely feet, so that Tqaser can fulfill your feet needs.

Please do check my products in the webshop. They are all designed in Amsterdam, with 100% love, creativity and positivity! For my first line I took some cultural inspiration of the lovely country Morocco! We ALL can wear these socks, no matter your personality, gender, culture background or origin!